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"Grenzenlos...? - Sans limites...?"; Ger 2007; 35min; DV

Direction: Frederique Veith
Production: uniqueproductions
Camera: Bernhard Gores
Sound: Marc Stiebel, Benno von Skopnik
Musicscore: Samir Stocanin

Three young artists - the rockmusician Mell from Lorraine, the painter René von Boch from Saarland and the writer Claudine Muno from Luxemburg are portrayed in this documentary. They speak about how it is to live and work in a borderregion.

"Grenzenlos...? - Sans limites...?" was shown as a part of an installation in 2007 in Luxemburg and 2008 in Berlin.

Code 21 - Alles geht in Arsch - Nur Jesus bleibt (episode);
Ger 2007, 15min, HDV

Direction: Anne Pütz
Production: WDR
Camera: Siri Klug
Soundmix: Rainer Schwarte

This short documentary is one of five episodes that form the omnibusfilm Code 21. This film deals with the young generation in Germany at the beginning of the 21th century. This episode is about Helke, a young mother who has difficulties to decide between her christian life in the Jesus Freaks community and the temptations that are offered by the Berlin citylife.

Code 21 has been broadcasted on german television in 2008.

"Nackte Tatsachen"; Ger 2001, 20min, 35 mm, colour

with Markus Baumeister, Ulrike Folkers, Hannelore Minkus a.o.
Script: Gunther Eschke, Juliane Fezer
Direction: Juliane Fezer
Production: HFF München, Julex Film
Camera: Jörg Pilawa
Music: Armin Pommeranz, Fink

Synopsis: A young man locks himself out of his new apartment while naked and still wet from taking a shower. In his quest for help, he falls victim to the self-serving interests of his new neighbors.

"Nackte Tatsachen" was handed in for the 28th Student Acadamy Award for Honory Foreign Film. LA

Festivals: Filmfestival Max-Ophüls Saarbrücken 2001, Filmfest Dresden 2001, International Shortfilmfestival Oberhausen 2001, International Festival of Filmschools Mexico City 2001

"Paris Teltow"; D 2001, 31min, DVCam, colour

with Andreas Schmid, Dagmar Sitte, Horst Weinheimer a.o.
Script & Direction Hans-Friedrich Schimkönig
Production: HFF „Konrad Wolf“ Potsdam Babelsberg
Camera: Börres Weiffenbach
Sound: Holger Lehmann

Synopsis: Johnny and Moni live on a permanent campsite outside the city. Johnny wants to build a new toilet to make their living more comfortable. But Moni is fed up and wants to move to the city. The situation intensifies when Johnny’s mother begs him to tend to his demented father, as she can no longer handle the stress.

Broadcasted on ORB, MDR and Arte

Festivals: International Bochumer Video Festival 2002, SehSüchte - International Studentfilmfestival Potsdam 2002, 18. International Shortfilmfestival Hamburg 2002

"Invasion of the Planet Earth"; Ger 2004, 10min, 35mm, colour

with Guntbert Warns
Script & Direction: Moritz Langer
Production: Uwe Kamitz/Moritz Langer
Camera: Benedict Neuenfels
Sound&Musicscore: Mathew Cottam

Synopsis: An alien soldier lands in a forest clearing and mistakes the trees for a massive army. He subdues them with the universe’s meanest weaponry, but for some reason, this invasion doesn’t feel as satisfying as usual.

Festivals: Int. Filmfestival Florida 2004, Brooklyn Filmfestival 2004, Hamburg Shortfilmfestival 2004, Sydney Filmfestival 2004; Milano Filmfestival 2004 and others.

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"Jewish Ballroom"; Ger 2005, 86min, Digibeta

Direction: Arielle Artsztein & Esther Slevogt
Production: Kordes&Kordes Film GmbH
Commissioned by ZDF/Kleines Fernsehspiel
Programe Editor: Jörg Schneider
Camera: Marcus Winterbauer, Alexandra Kordes bvk
Sound: Frank Bubenzer, Christoph Engelke,
Boris Jöns and Manuel Siebert

This documentary portrays the life of the Jewish Community Center in Berlin - lively, colourful, funny and far from the typical victim clichee. Over more than a year the filmmakers accompanied various events and talked to several people, that go there for different reasons: to celebrate, to dance or because they work there. For political reasons or to have a lunch in the kosher restaurant. Or simply because the place is like a second home to many. Jewish Ballroom has been shown at the Max-Ophüls-Festival in 2006 and at many other festivals and was broadcasted on german television.

"Last Minute"; Ger 2003; 84min; Digibeta

with Petra Kleinert, Ercan Durmaz, Katharina Schmalenberg

Script&Direction: Marina Caba Rall
Production: HFF „Konrad Wolf“ Potsdam Babelsberg, B&T Film
Camera: Alexandra Kordes bvk
Sound: Bernd Joest
Musicscore: Markus Glunz&Til Ritter

Synopsis: One day, one place, three people. They are bound together by cirumstance and have nothing in common but mutual mistrust and the fact that this day is disastrous for all of them. It is everybody against everybody. At the end of this day they separate but nothing is as it used to be.

Festivals: Filmfest Emden 2004; Feminale Köln 2004 (Debutprice); Durban Filmfestival, 2004 (Feature Film Award); Int. Filmfestival Bruxelles, 2004; Medfilmfestival Rom 2004; Saitama Filmfestival Japan 2006 (awarded with Best New Director) and others. "Last Minute" has been shown on german television.

"Jesus Freaks"; Ger 2007; 85min; HDV

Direction: Anne Pütz
Production: Anne Pütz/dffb
Camera: Siri Klug
Sound: Rainer Schwarte

The documentary portrays the life of three young women in Berlin, who are part of the unconventional christian community The Jesus Freaks.

Jesus Freaks has been broadcasted on the german television in 2008.