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Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen "Konrad Wolf" only Filmschool in Germany that offers a specific editing course
Montagetheorie.de website of Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schumm that has many interesting articles and links concerning filmediting
Bundesverband Filmschnitt-Editor e.V. the BFS is the german editors guild
Avidcutter.de website for Avid-Editors with a lot of useful tips and links
Schnittmeister.com private Site of Film-Editor Oliver Driemel
Schnittmeisterin.de private Site of Film-Editor Kirsten Kieninger
further links
Movie-College.de a german Online-Filmschool
Megacut.com german Website about editing and videotechnology
SenseofCinema many interesting filmtheoretial articles
International Movie Database the searchengine for movies
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