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• editing for die Schnittmeister, TRIAD BERLIN, Cine+, MTV, WWF, Kordes&Kordes, Imago TV, Blue Eyes, Rombach&Partner, Junifilm, Kinderfilm GmbH, Storyhouse Productions, 3W Production, filmbüro-süd, a.o.

good knowledge of the AVID editing systems

• experience with Steenbeck 16mm/35mm and three-machine video-editing

• basic knowledge of FinalCutPro and After Effects

• knowledge of Adobe Photoshop

• multimedia Web and DVD authoring

• filmtheoretically and dramaturgically qualified

• fluent in English, Spanish and Dutch

• basic French

All backgrounds of this site are so called FlashFrames.
When the gate is checked for the famous hair several Frames
get exsposed to extra light. Normally these FlashFrames get
cut away by the film editor and nobody ever gets to see them.
Since often they have a particular beauty they are to be shown here.
The FlashFrames on this site all belong to the Cildrens film "Laterne, Laterne" by S. Buddenberg