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"Mads Mikkelsen - Mein Leben"
Ger 2011; HDCam; 43min

Director: Jean Boué
Camera: Knut Schmitz
Sound: Sven Klöpper, Zora Butzke
Production: Telekult GmbH
ommisioned by ZDF/ARTE

For women he is a sexsymbol, men think he is cool. He sees himself more like Johnny from the block, who prefers to see a soccer match then going to the theatre. The actor Mikkelsen is obsessed and hates not to be the best. The avowals of a refreshing premature Dane.

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"Berliner Ecken und Kanten - Die Potsdamer Strasse"
ger 2011, 45min; Digibeta

Director: Jean Boué
Camera: Oliver Gurr
Production: RBB
Commisioned by RBB

16.000 cars drive through ithe Potsdamer Strasse every day. For some the street is a nightmare for others a small village that they don't want to leave. This film is about a love and hate relationship.

"Mama Afrika - die Hoffnung eines Kontinents"
Ger 2009; Digibeta; 60min

Director: Chiara Sambuchi
Camera: Peter Klotz
Sound: Silvio Reichenbach
Production: Lavafilm
Commisioned by SR/ARTE

The documentary "Mama Afrika - die Hoffnung eines Kontinents (AT)" is a portrait of four women, that represent the start of a new era in Arfrica. They know the dark sides of the continent. But Margaret, founder of a radio station in Uganda, mecanic Nandéye from Senegal, Designer Marcia from Mozambic and Grace, who is in charge of an Aids clinic in Lesotho, they all look ahead. They take their chance for a better life, for them, their families and society. They are the hope for a new Africa.

"Stasi auf dem Schulhof"
Ger 2011; HDCam; 43min

Director: Annette Baumeister
Camera: Jean Schablin, David Sünderhauf
Production: Februar Film GmbH
Commisioned by WDR/MDR

Stasi auf dem Schulhof“ is a documentary about the abuse of adolescents in the GDR, that were approached by the Stasi and forced to work as informants.Thousands still live in Germany and remain silent about their past.The fear of being stigmatised is too big. In the film three former pupils explain who they were drawn into the net of the secret police.

"Mielkes Rache"
Ger 2008; HDTV; 52 und 45min

Director: Ute Bönnen & Gerald Endres
Music: Robert Papst & Hugo Siegmeth
Production: docstation medienproduktion GmbH
Commisioned by MDR

1981 the highest court in the GDR imposes a death penalty for the last time. Der convict, Dr. Werner Teske, is executed the 26th of june in 1981 in Leipzig by a shot in the back of his head. Werner Teske was an officer in the Stasi and planned to flee to the west but never realised this scheme. It's the story of a man who joins the Stasi and is wiped out by them.

"Detroit - zwischen Utopie und Untergang"
Ger 2010; Digibeta; 75min

Director: Roland May
Camera: Peter Klotz
Sound: Silvio Reichenbach
Production: Lavafilm
Commisioned by SR/ARTE

A film about the decline of Detroit, a city that presented like no other the american way of living. But in this written of city there is still hope for something new - a better future. The documentary was awarded with the price of the
Friedrich und Isabel Vogel-Stiftung in 2010.

"Hauptsache Arbeit: - Der Top Manager - Karriere um jeden Preis?" - Menschen Hautnah; Ger 2007; HDV; 43min

Director: Marc Bauder
Camera: Börres Weiffenbach
Sound: Johannes Schmelzer Ziringer
Soundmix:Anton Feist
Production: bauderfilm
Commissioned by WDR

Stephan Biesenbach (42) is a successful Top-Manager on the way to the top and he likes to describe himself as a "Workaholic". His wife has to deal with his ambitions - since 15 years they lead a "Weekend Marriage". Wenn he gets the tempting offer to move to the Headquarters in Stockholm, his wife states clearly that she and the kids will not go with him. So he has to decide between career and family.
Der Top Manager was awarded 2008 with the Friedrich und
Isabel Vogel-Stiftung Award.

"Ardia - Sardinien, Stolz und Ehre hoch zu Ross"

Ger 2011; HDCam; 52min

Director: Svea Andersson
Camera: Svea Andersson
Production: Medienkontor GmbH
Commissioned by ARTE

A documentary about a religous festivity in the village of Sedilo in Sardia. The background for this relgious tradition is a battle that the roman emperor Constantinus fought on the island. Each year the local priest names three standard bearers, that represent the christians which are followed by other horseriders, representing the pagans.